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Reading these research articles is like a journey into a foreign land.  Where you have to learn a whole new language..on Wednesdays we come together to discuss our ideas and reactions to the data and how we will process it and make a difference…it is very stimulating, mind expanding and fun…sometimes it is hard not to sink in all the words and meanings… The following poem is prompted by reading Jeasik Cho…a woman from Wyoming…hard to figure that one …



The Road to Mendeley
Last night I dreamt of Mendeley
It was a thick thick wood…
Thick description..
Full of transaction
We were lost in the dark
Searching for
How would we ever find a way?
We’ll hope for something
Cataclysmic….Zeus and his thunderbolts perhaps…
And watch out for brackets
The wood is a foreign land…
Look at the map
Do we have validity?
A member check
The grandest of paradigms ?
A diary
And oh Testimonia
We love you…long for you

Have expanded my vocabulary somewhat…in the thick of it…Testimonio is a first person narrative…has validity as can raise consciousness and provoke political action…and for me there is nothing more powerful than a narrative and reading hearing and sharing a personal story…that is the main drive to be involved in research …to make a difference and raise awareness…this is also part of recovery for all of us engaged in data analysis…being involved in something meaningful…and the chance to make a difference…